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(Pocket-lint) - Paying homage to the increase of the ladies in WWE wrestling, Rumble Roses is an all-female grappling game. Most of your stereotypical fantasies are catered for - the school girl, the traditional Japanese girl, the cowgirl, the dominatrix and so on. Now you can throw them into the ring and give them a good thrashing.

The girls are well modelled and the graphics make this an ideal titillation game, although as far as I could see, it was kept clean and covered - I saw no nipple slips or panty-less wrestlers (unless it gets hacked Extreme Beach Volleyball-style). Of course, with games like this there is always a lot to unlock to get into the secret goodies. I did spot the advert for Metal Gear Solid in the wrestling arena however.

The fighting action is not that accomplished, and it has the feel of Tekken dumbed down and turned into wrestling. There seems to be no normal walking, it all feels like a sideways shuffle. As with all wrestling games, you can punch and kick forever, but to really progress you need to get stuck in with the special moves. The fighting felt clunky, and if you want a wrestling game, then Smackdown wins hands down. Rumble Roses does have a humiliation system, so you can embarrass your opponent and taunt them. It’s all very feminine (read slutty) and sexy.

However, for a group of lads, Rumble Roses is great fun. The matches include normal ring matches and of course mud wrestling. I’m not sure that the mud wrestling is quite what it should be, although it does mean less clothing than before! The mud sticks like a shiny suit, but after about 15 seconds, it all slides off revealing that toned digital body. Get a grip boys! There is also a weak story mode, nothing to get excited about, but it does mean you get to watch your girl warming up and flexing that body of hers. Of course, the real jewel for the fans of autoerotica is the gallery mode, where you can zoom and control the camera, and get an eyeful.

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