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(Pocket-lint) - Car manufacturers do it, homeowners do it, even people do it with the help of a plastic surgeon, so its no surprise that after five years the PlayStation 2 has gone through a revamping process.

While the specifications remain the same the redesigned unit has been heavily condensed in size. The overall size has been reduced by 75 per cent, the weight has been halved and the thickness trimmed down to 2.8cm (it was 7.8cm) making the model roughly the same size as a hardback book.

The notable difference is the removal of the power pack from within the device and this is obviously how Sony has managed such a reduction in size. Additionally the CD tray no longer slides out as in the “Fat” model and you are left with a pop up lid similar to portable CD players. But it's not all pared down. Also built-in to the unit is an Ethernet port allowing users to connect to the internet via broadband and play games online.

The performance is still the same, as is its support for two joysticks and two memory cards. The machine can still play DVDs, however it is now silent in its running something you can't say about Microsoft's Xbox.

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To recap

If you’ve got one already stick with it, however if, some 5 years late you’ve suddenly decided you want a PlayStation this model won’t take up too much room

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