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(Pocket-lint) - The main problem with gaming wheels is finding a solid surface to stick them on. With all the thrills and spills, yanking the whole unit into the air is often a problem.
While the suction cups offer one solution, it doesn't work as well as a clamp system. In an attempt to combat this problem, Logitech offers another solution: extendable wings for laptop use.

It may sound like a feminine hygene addition, but it works pretty well and we are surprised it's missed out the design additive on previous models.

The wheel is 10” in diameter, comprising an 8 way directional pad and 12 buttons. 2 wheel mounted paddle buttons act as gear shifters, or as R1 and R2 (shoulder) buttons. Two vibration motors are built into the wheel for realistic feedback.

A light on the unit shows the mode- you can switch between analogue and digital modes- and the sensitivity level, when manually adjusting the degree of sensitivity in the wheel.

The pedals have a nice rubberised texture, preventing slip and adding to the whole racing car feeling. Both units plug into the single controller port, for simple use and installation.


Sensitive and very realistic are the two words that spring to mind. So much so, there is a steep learning curve here, adding an extra dimension to your racing games.

The dual feedback motors add to the effect, but the lack of decent suckers meant that at times it got so exciting that we found ourselves just ripping the wheel off the coffee table. Best to use the extendable wings instead in our opinion.

Writing by Dan Leonard.