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(Pocket-lint) - Every wanted to be able to interact more freely with your PlayStation 2? A year on from the first EyeToy, Sony has released an update to its webcam gaming peripheral with new a range of new games to master.

Those not familiar with EyeToy, a quick explanation is needed: basically the premise involves you sitting in front of a camera and it monitors your movement. You control elements on the screen using your hands, whether it's an air guitar or a fist to play a boxing match.

The game disc can be bought either with or without the camera and if you've already signed up to the idea of controlling game with your on screen movement rather than a controller in your hand the idea will seem old hat.

The games are still based around a series of mini games. However this time, rather than be a random selection of games that don't have any connection, Sony has created a series of games that can broken down into sections associated with characters. Those characters range from being a spy to a chef to a kung fu expert.

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The chef element for example sees you playing a number of games that are based around preparing hamburgers in a kitchen. Given all the relevant ingredients you've got to match the orders that come in from the waitresses. Run out of produce, which you will do, and you've then got to prepare some more. This involves everything from chopping the gherkins to grating the cheese. Of course this is great fun as for the most part it involves you have to swing your arms violently in front of the television (best move those flowers before you start) and the camera of course picks up your every move.

In addition to the games, Sony has also added some communication elements this time around to the software so you can turn your PlayStation 2 into a video cam and chat to others. Connecting the PlayStation 2 to the internet via the network adapter (its included if you've got the new slimline version) is easy and you can chat to other people who also have a PlayStation 2 and who are also online at the same time. The experience is very friendly, and for the most part just like have a conversation on instant messenger.

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