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(Pocket-lint) - Following the recent release of EyeToy Play, the latest development for the camera is EyeToy Groove, which as the name suggests, will have you off your bum and dancing in the living room. Again, like the first EyeToy game, this is a well thought out and highly polished product. Basically your living room is transported into the games as you boogie to a range of funky tracks.

In the basic game mode you dance as displayed on the screen - in essence it’s a whole lot of waving your arms around, but there is some style to it. Mid-track there is usually a freestyle section, where you get the chance to strut your stuff unguided, whilst the PS2 records you. You can then playback the short clips later - to much drunken mocking from your friends no doubt, or as good practice for getting out there on the pull. The main game is fun, but it was the other features where we got really excited.

Also included on the disc are a number of music videos, which you can play in full - great as a party background or if you are lacking MTV. You can also select to just have music tracks playing continuously and a reactive environment on the screen, so you can set it up, playing music, and people can boogie away, with a load of visual effects. It seems that Groove has been invented with the house party in mind, as this is a great way of doing something interesting with your TV, without people getting sucked into watching Eastenders when they should be celebrating your birthday.


There are a number of big names on the music front here: Fatboy Slim, Madonna, the ubiquitous Cheeky Girls and the obligatory Village People with YMCA. Eyetoy Groove follows the trend of getting gamers off their butt and on their feet doing some exercise. Whilst this was a predictable move for the EyeToy, it is still a great idea, and the next development is eagerly awaited. Perhaps the fusion of dance mat and camera. Who knows. In the meantime, Groove delivers good family or adult entertainment and deserves a look.

Writing by Chris Hall.