When we grew up playing racing games you had to do you best to avoid trying to break or even scratch the car. Destruction Derby Arena seems turns this on its head and the whole point of the game in to do you best in not only trashing your car, but everyone else's on the track.

Those looking for a challenge can opt for the championship mode, which allows you to open further levels, players and cars. Those looking for a quick fix however, can opt for either a wrecking race or destruction derby.

The wrecking race is just as it sounds and you've not only got to come first, but are awarded for the amount of stuff you can trash on the way around and tracks include airports and steel plants to name but a few.

The Destruction Derby element isn't as demanding on the brain and the main gist is to smash your opponents cars until they explode and thus die. As with the wrecking race the better the style in which you complete your task the more points you gain and the last man standing with the most points is declared the winner.


The demolition derby series isn't the newest on the block and the graphics on the PS2 version are starting to show this - In fact even the developers have been said to have gone for a more arcade-style feel with mad colours and bright scenery rather than making it look realistic. Even so, there is no graphical shine that you find on the latest racing games such as Need for Speed Underground or Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox.

Overall the gameplay is fun and will certain bring light relief to the
seriousness of so many of the racing games currently available for the PS2. However we can't but help this game just isn't as polished as it should be and while an online feature has been added for networked players to challenge it out across the ether, a series of power-ups, weapons and repair options take away the fear of dying. Relaxing only if the commute has got you down. In fact it might be worth tracking down the 1996 original on budget, the principle was the same but the presentation and music much better.