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(Pocket-lint) - The Dancing Stage series has done exceptionally well, and this last installment is sure to continue the trend. See the review of Dancing Stage Megamix on pocket-lint.co.uk to get up to speed if you are not familiar with the games. Based on the fact that this is the latest instalment in the series, there is very little new that can be said since the last review, and that is a concern - essentially, this is the same game. Ok, all the strong points from the previous survive - it is good wholesome family fun, great for kids parties, and gives you the chance to dance around the living room when combined with the dance mat.

All right - I give in, there are some changes. First of all, there is a different selection of licensed songs, and in this version, we also see the videos for some of the tracks. The most notable headline track is the Spice Girls Wannabe, and the video. I'm not sure if this is constructive to gameplay or not. I spent most of the time watching the varying hemlines on the then quite nubile Spice Girls, rather than the dance moves. At the same time, it is nice to see this sort of development on the PS2. One thing that did strike me (apart from the prominent nipples on Scary Spice) was that those tracks without a video now look somewhat stupid. Also, Ace of Base produced both a terribly bland song in 'All That She Wants', and an equally drab video.

The 80s revival goes strong, and Thin Lizzy's 'Boys are Back in Town' is definitely a bonus, bringing back memories of the US Navy SEALS soundtrack, and Squeeze's 'Cool for Cats' is definitely in line for some more radio airplay, as is a bit more Madness. Sadly, this is brought down by the most horrific musical incarnation in 'Come on Eileen'. Any guy who has been to a bad nightclub is all to familiar with track - spun of by talentless DJs during the 'party session' to fill the dancefloor with girls. Or perhaps I am showing my age. I guess on balance it is a mixture of tracks to suit all tastes. The classic 'Drop the Bomb' and other Euro-nonsense survive from previous versions of the game.

To recap

Rhythm action is the PS2’s platform game- it does it well but if you’re not bored of Megamix’s music selection yet, you won’t need this.

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Writing by Chris Hall.