(Pocket-lint) - It might have been sold out in the US, but the limited PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition went on sale for the first time in the UK today and we managed to get our hands on one to lovingly stroke and caress as we removed it from its box. We had to put it back again tout suite as it's likely to be going to a customer, but it was long enough to get some great pics and to shed a little tear that we've blown all our Christmas cash on presents for the family. They can be so selfish at times.

Sony is selling some of its UK stock from a pop-up shop in Shoreditch, London today and if you miss out it's worth keeping your eyes peeled on social networks as you might even get a chance to win one soon (tip: follow @Pocketlint for starters). It fully expects to have sold out by Monday, much like over the pond, and just being close to the object of beauty it's easy to see why.

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Inside it's naturally exactly the same as the conventional PS4, albeit coming with a PlayStation Camera in the box (a bargain at £400), but on its exterior it is a real centrepiece of any game fan's set-up.

Having still got an original 20-year-old PlayStation in the cupboard, we can safely say that the "original gray" colour scheme is identical. However, there are a number of key differences. Part of the new PS4 is glossy not matte, so shines more than the first console. It also has imprinted decals of the triangle, square and X motifs, but adds a "2" in front of the O. Nice. 


The DualShock 4 does too, on its touchpanel. And all of the pieces of kit are adorned with the original, colourful PlayStation logo in one place or another.

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There's little more to say other than this has been a masterstroke by Sony and a great way to celebrate such an impressive anniversary. We seriously hope that those lucky to have bought one will savour it rather than put it on eBay for quick profit. We suspect they'll regret it if they do.

Writing by Rik Henderson.