The US launch for the PS4 is now upon us, the console launches tomorrow in the US, and at the end of the month in the UK. With that in mind, we went to Sony's central London HQ to get some hands-on time with the console.

And, the good news is, there's plenty to love here. The remote play feature is astounding. Use your Vita as a screen through which you can play any PS4 game, and be amazed by just how slick it is. We can see this being a far more useful addition to a console than "second screen" and we think it could be a big deal in the future.

Sony has also made some tweaks that sound tiny, but add up. For example, the game load time is reduced massively because the company has negotiated to remove the company logos and engine splash screen at the start. There's no nonsense now, your game loads and you can play it in seconds.

Graphics, of course, are improved. The problem is, it's going to take a long time to fully realise this. But playing, we thought it looked like the quality you'd expect from a high-end gaming PC, perhaps not quite as perfect, but certainly a massive leap from the PS3 and 360. Next year, we anticipate having our minds blown by graphics, once everyone gets to know what the hardware can do.

On the less positive side, there are issues with a lack of DLNA support on the console. Some US reviews, where journalists have had their consoles for a while, are reporting that the battery life on the controller isn't that great. But, on the subject of the DualShock 4, we have to say it's one of the nicest controllers we've ever used. For one thing, it's insanely light, which means playing for long periods is nice and easy.

No doubt, as time goes on the PS4 will become even more amazing to use, but for now, from launch, it remains a great choice for gamers. We can't wait to get ours and start playing. Our full thoughts, what's good, what's bad and what we think of the next generation will be available in our full review, happening very soon.