One of the key features of the PS4 is that you can play games on it using the PS Vita. Sony hopes the feature will appeal to gamers keen to carry on playing games, but not just in front of their console.

You will, of course, need a PS Vita with the latest software update, an internet connection, and your PS4 connected into the same PlayStation Network account.

We managed to tick all those boxes after a visit to Sony PlayStation's headquarters in London where we were able to test the PS4 Remote Play feature with the new PS4 ahead of the US and UK launches.

Connecting to the console using the Remote Play feature, you get full access to the PS4 on the Vita screen. After connecting the PS Vita to the same account you can then access the PS4 at any point. Unlike Apple and its Apple TV mirroring you don't need to be on the same network, just a fast connection. 

The interface isn't changed, just shrunk to fit the smaller display and this does affect text on the display and the ability to read it. For the PS4 interface that isn't a problem as the icons are large and clear to read, but it might be if you are playing a game with words that are small, even on a big screen.

Connected to the PS Vita we played a spot of Killzone Shadow Fall on a PS4 elsewhere in the building, and then again on a second machine in the same room so we could see the remote experience working side by side. The experience is very good with zero lag noted, although we will caveat that this was in Sony's UK HQ rather than on our home network.

Regardless of that the potential is huge, if you are willing to fork out for a PS Vita alongside your new PS4 purchase, although keen Sony gamers will probably have the Vita already. 

Where we can see it working perfectly is if you are constantly sharing the TV where you've installed the PS4, or if you want to continuing playing the game on the way to work, guaranteed you can get a good reception. Yes. regular business travellers. going back to your room to play on your console at home never sounded so appealing.

The Remote Play feature isn't restricted by game so will work with all games you want to play on the console.

Interestingly we tried it to Remote Play a Blu-ray movie and sadly that wasn't allowed. This could be because of a rights issue with the Men In Black III movie we tried to watch, or because all Blu-ray's are blocked.