Sony has revealed its next-generation console at E3 2013, the actual box and all, and Pocket-lint has managed to get up close to the PS4 to see what it looks like in the flesh.

The console itself looks better than we expected, with sleek lines and shades of black dominating the proceedings.

Compared to Microsoft's Xbox One, the PS4 is a thin, almost understated device that doesn't give away the power it contains. At least when viewed face on.

The huge vents at the back do give you the impression that, under pressure, this is going to be kicking out a lot of heat, however. This is clearly a machine with true power under the bonnet. It will need it to drive the games we've already started to see - more on those to come over the next couple of days.

sony ps4 pictures and eyes on image 13

Being able to stand vertically or lie down to better fit with your home cinema setup, the jaunty angles will have you pondering whether they are straight or not after you've had a few jars.

In the box for the £349 price tag you'll get the console, one Dual-Shock 4 controller (not compatible with your PS3) and an earphone with microphone for talking to other gamers. The Eye camera will be an additional accessory that isn't compulsory, unlike the Xbox One's Kinect sensor. It will cost £44 in the UK, Sony has confirmed to Pocket-lint.

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Not as industrially designed and as rectangular as the Xbox One (Microsoft's console is very Phillippe Starck at times), this is a console that worries about getting on with business; the business of powering your games, rather than being the talking point of the living room.

Pocket-lint is at E3 all week and will be bringing you in-depth previews of some of the PlayStation 4 games including Infamous Second Son, Killzone, DriveClub and others.

We will keep you posted.