THQ's uDraw GameTablet has already been available on the Nintendo Wii for a while (since March, to be precise) but now it's coming for PS3 and Xbox 360, and features a few new bells and whistles, to boot.

For starters, it's dubbed "high definition" by the games firm as, for the first time, you'll be able to paint and see your creations in HD - the Wii is only an SD console. Plus, the new uDraw has tilt controls added, and pinch and zoom functionality like on an iPad, Android tablet or Apple Magic Trackpad.


But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves here; what exactly is the uDraw, and what does it offer that you don't already have on your games console?

Well, Pocket-lint was invited to have a play around with one (the PS3 version - although, bar a couple of cosmetic differences, we've been reliably informed that the Xbox 360 one is identical), and in the most basic of terms, it's a wireless graphics tablet for your games machine, allowing you to draw with a stylus and see the results on your telly.

Basic stuff, you probably think and, essentially, you'd be right. The target audience or, at least, the people that will get the most enjoyment out of the uDraw are kiddies. But that doesn't mean that it's exclusive.

While there are obvious applications for younger members of the family, such as the colouring in sections of included paint software uDraw Studio: Instant Artist, there are also games available; some on the free software, and some to buy as add-ons.


For example, uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition is a fun-packed version of the drawing game that even comes with different game formats, and subject packs that are for the old'uns (featuring complicated, rather than rude words).

There will be others on their way too, with the older Wii version already boasting a healthy library of available titles.

Back to the tablet itself though; it's sturdy, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions both feature control buttons and a direction pad (the Wii version requires you to insert a Wii Remote) so you don't have to fiddle around with a normal controller in menu systems or the console's own user interface.


The stylus/pen is chunky and looks like it could take a bashing, plus it has 256 points of pressure sensitivity so, software willing, can draw precise pictures.

And there's even a uDraw website ( that you can save and send your pictures to, then seed them out to social networking sites.

The uDraw GameTablet with uDraw Studio: Instant Artist will be out on 18 November for PS3 and Xbox 360, priced around £70.

Available separately, uDraw Pictionary: Ultimate Edition will be on sale from 18 November, for around £30.

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