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(Pocket-lint) - Super monkey has come to the Nintendo DS in all its madness, but can the Monkey squad make the transition

Like the console versions the main thrust of the game is to control one of the monkey squad in their balls around a series of courses.

The Nintendo DS offers 100 puzzles to complete and for those not familiar with the game in its pervious incarnations, the Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll resembles a cross between marble madness and those old Victorian games with marbles and a maze.

The main element of the game is a challenge mode. Controls are based on users using the stylus to manoeuvre the monkey in its ball and this can be tricky and frustrating at times.

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There are four different characters to choose from, however we would be hard pushed to say whether they differentiated in there responses and controls.

For longevity, the game includes six party games, which are designed to be played with other Nintendo DS owners over a wireless network (i.e., down at your local McDonald's)

Here the games include stuff like boxing, racing and bowling with two brand new party games - Monkey Hockey and Monkey Wars exclusively for the DS system.

The games are very simple and by yourself not really that fulfilling, however with a crowd they do take on that Mario Kart or Bomberman feeling.


For Super Monkey fans the main gripe is that compared to the console versions before it won't have as many levels to challenge your skills, additionally the party games elements have been reduced as well.

However the dual screen controls with the gamers having to use the stylus to control everything more than makes up for the lack of levels with the increased challenge in control.

Fun, but it is unlikely to last you long before the boredom starts to kick in.

Writing by Stuart Miles.