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(Pocket-lint) - Not content with one handheld gaming console, Nintendo has launched the Nintendo Micro, a miniaturised version of its Game Boy Advance handheld console it first launched in 2001. But do nice things come in small packages?

There is no doubt about it, the Nintendo Micro is small. It measures 10.1 x 5.0 x 1.72 cm or about the size of a bar of soap, the console is petit and comes in a variety of bright colours to suit your fashion statement.

In the centre of the rather small unit is an equally small colour screen. Either side, and with plenty of space, is an A and B button and a standard d-pad to control the device. There are also a further two paddle shoulder buttons and a volume control so you don't disturb fellow commuters on the train.

Game Boy Advance game cartridges tuck in the back of the console, although the console won't take the original game boy cartridges like the Game Boy Advance. The fact that this is a re-sizing, similar to Sony's PlayStation one and 2 efforts, means that you will still have a large choice of games to choose from. Plug your favourite cartridge in and away you go.

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Graphics are identical to the GBA, but you'll struggle to see them on the small screen unless you have perfect vision or hold the device close to your face. Think mobile phone rather than games console and this is the major drawback to the Micro's capabilities. It might be small, but that size means you'll be straining your eyes faster than you can see the in-game text scrolling across the screen.

Surprising, given its size, the console is very comfortable to use and not as we would have expected.


The Nintendo Micro is clearly Nintendo's way of suggesting that you bring new life your old GBA games in a package that will comfortably slip into any pocket to whip out at the bus stop or on the train, however with such a small screen you might be better off playing games on your mobile phone.

If mobile phone gaming isn't for you and you really must have a dedicated handheld games console, but haven't got the cash or the inclination to go for the Sony PSP, adding £20 in to your kitty will get you a Nintendo DS and with that a whole new gaming experience a lot more satisfying than the Micro.

Writing by Stuart Miles.