Nintendo Switch Sports review: In Pictures

We can't believe it's taken Nintendo this long to bring its Sports series to the Switch. (image credit: Nintendo)
The lineup this time is tennis, bowling, football, chambara (swordfighting), volleyball and badminton. (image credit: Nintendo)
You'll play, as before, with motion controls, swinging your Joy-Con like a racket or using to to smack a volleyball. (image credit: Nintendo)
The game looks great, with fun and vibrant graphics and arenas that are packed with background detail. (image credit: Nintendo)
Football is an interesting addition, with more in-depth controls than the other options. (image credit: Nintendo)
All of the sports feel fun in different ways, although we still love the classics like tennis and bowling most. (image credit: Nintendo)
You can customise your character with outfits and accessories. (image credit: Nintendo)
We think this is a great addition for the Switch, perfect for anyone who misses Wii Sports. (image credit: Nintendo)