Kirby and the Forgotten Land review: Family-friendly fun throughout

Kirby and his pals are sucked into a dimensional portal at the start of Forgotten Land, winding up in a cartoony post-apocalypse. (image credit: Nintendo)
It's a simple setup and works well, but the game is a big departure, putting Kirby into fully three-dimensional levels for the first time as a standalone game. (image credit: Nintendo)
You'll use classic abilities from enemies you swallow, as well as Big Mouthful mode, which puts you in charge of huge objects. (image credit: Nintendo)
It almost always looks hilarious, like this set of stairs, and there are plenty of different objects to control. (image credit: Nintendo)
A boss waits at the end of the first world, but isn't too challenging. That's a general theme: it's not a difficult game, remaining family-friendly throughout. (image credit: Nintendo)
We think Kirby and the Forgotten Land is a great little family-friendly game. Ideal for youngsters, as it's not overly challenging. (image credit: Nintendo)