Chicory - A Colorful Tale review: Absolutely perfect for the Switch

Chicory sees you take on a magic paintbrush, and the responsibility of keeping the world painted in. (image credit: Finji)
You'll gain plenty of powers to help you do just that, and on Switch you can do most of your painting using your fingertips. (image credit: Finji)
As you move around a top-down world you'll meet its residents and help them with their issues. (image credit: Finji)
Many of them have nice, open conversations with you about mental health and wellbeing, which is really refreshing. (image credit: Finji)
You'll need to solve puzzles along your way, using powers and the environment. (image credit: Finji)
You'll also find loads of costume options and more ways to paint as you progress through the game. (image credit: Finji)
Chicory plays like a dream on the Switch, and we think it's the best place to play this darling little indie gem. (image credit: Finji)

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