The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD review: The best or worst Zelda ever?

Well, you'll need to practise and master the controls first - which can take a bit of work given their specific complexity. (image credit: Nintendo)
Originally a Wii game, using Wiimote controls, the Switch version - including Switch Lite - requires thumbstick directional controls, or Joy-Con motion. (image credit: Nintendo)
Story-wise, this Zelda title reveals the history of the Master Sword - it's set earlier in the series than other titles. (image credit: Nintendo)
Boss battles are perhaps more difficult depending on the control method - as we've already said - but there's no denying their inventiveness. (image credit: Nintendo)
The game is fairly linear, even with larger maps than Twilight Princess, say. But, the dungeons and puzzles are well thought out and fun. (image credit: Nintendo)
A superb remaster of a polarising game. However, it's worth noting that the new control method for handheld play is not perfect. It's pricey for a remake, too. (image credit: Nintendo)