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(Pocket-lint) - So you've got your shiny new PSP and while you enjoy marvelling at its incredibly large screen you are petrified of scratching your prized possession.

In steps the Logitech PlayGear Pocket, a stylish plastic armour that will protect your PSP against knocks and bashes. According to Logitech the case can double up as a sun visor and stand to watch movies and although this is pushing it somewhat, it could do that if you wanted it to.

The case allows access to the power and headphone socket as well as the power and wireless switch. In usage, this means you can set your music playing, shut the PSP in the case and leave it in your bag.

Additionally, because it's a hard case you don't have to worry about pressure being applied to the screen, unlike the soft bag you get in the Sony box.

The catch is that it's slightly larger than said soft pouch and if you've still got to carry it around in your bag when not using it rather than shoving it in your back pocket, that bag needs to be bigger than most depending on the items you might be carrying.

To recap

It will protect your PSP better than most offerings however you’ve got to find somewhere to put it when not in use

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