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(Pocket-lint) - In video game terms, the Star Wars name hasn’t peeked its head up from the gutter that often. The PC X-Wing and Tie Fighter games were absolute classics, but there’s been little else to get our geeky juices flowing.

Last year’s Lego Star Wars – based on the oft criticised new trilogy – was a surprise hit, pleasing both young gamers as well as old hands with its subtle humour and well rounded gameplay.

So it’s no surprise to see a sequel featuring the original trilogy on the launch pad. As if George Lucas would pass up on yet another way to take a few more quid out of our wallets eh?

The original Lego Star Wars arrived as something of a surprise. Though the game was trailed to death before its release, most dismissed it one of those kiddy games, probably featuring some simple jigsaw puzzles and a "design your own Stormtrooper" section.

But we all know exactly what to expect with this sequel. The hectic fighting and the simple puzzles make their return, but this time with a far more intriguing backdrop.

Your task is to simply take on and complete every single mission available. So far, so simple. Yet there’s a multitude of other treasures hidden away.

Starting off at the Mos Eisley Cantina – the main hub of the game – you can use your collected currency to purchase cheats, extra playable characters (which can make their own routes through certain levels) and even a character creation option. Meaning you can swap their hairdos – Leia’s bunches on Han anyone?

Throughout each mission you’re joined by up to six other characters, each with their own attributes. Some are experts with grappling hooks, others have a handy double jump and so on. With your ability to flick between all the characters on screen at will, you’ll be controlling each for a fairly equal amount of time per level.

Sadly when they’re not under your control, they’re not the sharpest tools in the box. Many a time you’ll witness C3PO doing bugger all while you get bogged down under enemy fire.

If you’ve got a pal handy, a quick tap of the second pad’s start button is all that’s required for them to jump in on any level to give you a hand. It’s a very swish addition indeed, but a shame you can’t do the same online.

To recap

As a nostalgia hit, this is one of the best. But as a game, it somehow fails to work quite as well as it should

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