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(Pocket-lint) - At this time of year, golf can be a miserable experience. Trudging around in alternately soaking and freezing clothing and a force 10 gale is acceptable when your ball flies straight and true down the fairway, but trying to dig your ball out of the 14th clump of rough that afternoon is no picnic. If you're a crap golfer with ambitions of taking on Tiger Woods, this may be the game for you.

The game centres on one course, with constantly changing wind conditions. In the solo play mode, you earn prize money for delivering good shots and completing the hole within par. This money can be used to upgrade your skills (power, accuracy, recovery, luck) or to upgrade your tools (woods, irons or balls).

Once you've earned enough prize money you can progress to playing against golfing legends of our time. These prove a real challenge and even the most hardened mobile gamer will struggle to beat these guys easily.

This is very easy to pick up, but incredibly difficult to master. The control system is simple with all shots being set-up and executed from the central nipple on the D-pad. Even the most cack-handed amongst us can get the hang of it.

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An excellent game with enough complexity to keep you amused for hours. Playing against golfing legends adds a real challenge. One for any keen golfer who doesn't like going outside!

Writing by Ben Harvard Taylor. Originally published on 30 December 2004.