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(Pocket-lint) - Medal of Honor Allied Assault (MOHAA) Breakthrough is the latest add-on in the hugely popular MOHAA series. Like Spearhead, last years add-on, you are once again treated to new levels, weapons and bad guys.

Playing the American contingent in Monty’s army this time you are battling on the plains of North Africa.

With only 11 single player missions to complete, you time here will be brief - we estimate 6-8hrs for a MOHAA fan - however levels are intense. The first for example sees you thrown into a battle against an entrenched axis force in the middle of a sandstorm.

Game play still sits in the same camp as the original and for those not familiar with the MOHAA series this means fast paced First Person Shooter and as real as you get. Guns recoil, bullets hurt and vehicles can be driven.

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Graphics for the game are very good with the North African territories bringing a nice change from the close streets of Europe. Sound likewise is just as important and making sure you have it turned up to hear the bullets whiz past is a must.

Of course the game like the original is not without its problems - mostly that bad guys get stuck in doors and walls, but then this seems to be a problem inherent with both add-ons and occasionally other games like the Delta Force range.

For the multiplayer fan - and let’s face it probably one of the main reasons for investing in this title - you won’t be disappointed, especially not now EA has deigned to update the anti-cheat functions at last.

Nine new levels have been introduced as well as a new game type - Liberation. This takes slight twist on the standard team based capture the flag option by imprisoning players when they die, just like various Jailbreak mods for other FPS games. What this amounts to in a game is a more thoughtful approach on your life for you could end up being behind bars with no-one bothered about Saving Private Pixels- IE you. In theory this sounds like and excellent idea and stops player re-spawning here there and everywhere. In practice the verdict is still out and we can thing of plenty of other ways to spend your time online than sitting in a cage waiting to be let free.


While this game is brief in its offering, it does carry on the flame for the MOHAA series. It provides some great levels to charge your way through. The multiplayer levels are well balanced offering plenty of new layouts to learn and the new game mode does offer something new to the usual matches. This won't change your life, but it does bring new life to the MOHAA series and is certainly an improvement on Spearhead last year. Only the lure of the BAFTA-winning Call Of Duty or the darker horror leanings of Return To Castle Wolfenstein rear their ugly head as WWII competitors.

Writing by Stuart Miles.