Mass Effect Legendary Edition review: Revisiting the best RPG series ever made

The Mass Effect trilogy is among the finest RPG series ever. This is a collection of the three games with all original DLC and remastered graphics. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
Much of the gameplay remains, but combat has been tweaked - especially in the first Mass Effect. The new version is much nicer to play. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
BioWare made the decision to remaster rather than remake the Mass Effect trilogy, as such the graphics were upscaled to 4K HDR. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
Although many of the graphical assets were upscaled using AI, many backdrops were then reworked by artists. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
All your favourite characters are back and looking better than ever. Each of the NPCs that you travel with (as Shepard) have added visual details. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
One of the most impressive parts of the series is its vast array of alien species. Even after all this time, the depth in their creation is impressive. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
Character creation has been improved for the Legendary Edition. The creator on the first Mass Effect has been brought into line with its sequels. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
The default female character model for Shepard has been unified across all titles. She looked very different game-to-game before. (image credit: EA / BioWare)
Even handling of the Mako has been improved. This is a hugely impressive collection that newcomers and seasoned ME fans should enjoy. (image credit: EA / BioWare)

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