Not all apps featured in Pocket-lint's App of the Day have to be new. Indeed, some of the best applications, games and utilities out there have been knocking around for a fair while. After all, we've all been playing Angry Birds for months now, but it doesn't get any less addictive.

So, as Electronic Arts has kocked down the price of its Sims games for a week, in order to celebrate the launch of the console versions, we're more than happy to delve into the past. To the heady days of, er, 2009...

The Sims 3

iPhone, iPod touch

Although there are two more recent additions to the franchise, The Sims 3 Ambitions and The Sims 3 World Adventures (both of which also on sale), it is the original that still holds the most charm for us. Also, as we're completists at Pocket-lint, we prefer starting in the first game and importing our characters into the other versions.

So, it's The Sims 3 that we find ourselves revisiting more often. And anyway, you can always make this specific edition seem fresh by buying some of the add-on content, accessible through the start-up menu. But we're ahead of ourselves...

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The Sims 3 on Apple devices is a cut-down version of the PC monster, but barely suffers because of it. Purists may feel hampered by the control of just one Sim, but we think that it personalises the game somewhat. You certainly end up feeling attached to your wee fella (which isn't a euphemism) or lass.

It's just as well, as it is up to you to help guide them through their daily lives; finding them sustenance, a job, and entertainment along the way. And, like the big screen version of the game, this is enhanced by the inclusion of wants and goals, which you can opt to fulfil to make your Sim's life a happier one.

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Some of the goals are bizarre ones. For example, even though I have no garden to speak of, my Sim wanted to buy a watering can from the very get go. Whatever floats his boat.

And it is in such a way that you meander through life, meeting people and striking up friendships or, even, romantic liaisons. A bit like real life, really.

If there are any gripes, then perhaps it asks for too much attention from the average iPhone user to get anywhere into the game at all, and the controls (click on objects on screen) are a bit precise and fiddly. But these are minor issues that are easy to overlook.

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The best advice is for you to try it yourself. And as EA has lowered the price down to £1.79 from £3.99 until 27 October, there's been no better time.

Incidentally, The Sims 3 Ambitions is also £1.79 for the same limited period, and The Sims 3 World Adventures and SimCity Deluxe are 59p.

What have you achieved with your Sim? Let us know in the comments below...