Patience my Padawan learner, today's App of the Day isn't actually out on iTunes yet, so you won't be able to head over and download straight away. However, Pocket-lint was so excited by it when we managed to get a sneak peak last week, that we just had to share the love ahead of its official release later this month. 

R-Type is back in all its classic glory, ready and waiting (well almost) for you to take on - and yes, rest assured, your childhood memories will come flooding back


iPhone/iPod touch

Classic arcade shooter R-Type is back and this time it's on the iPhone/iPod touch. Be prepared to suck your commute time dry as you try, once again, to steer your little ship from left to right destroying everything in your path in the process.

For those who remember wasting a whole summer, autumn, winter and spring playing this game, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to jump back in. And how quickly the memories come flooding back.

app of the day r type iphone ipod  image 5

EA Mobile handles development duties this time around, and thankfully it's had to keep to strict guidelines in bringing back the game as it was, rather than giving it a 2010 makeover that departs from the original gameplay. 

Of course, there are new elements to the game, three different control mechanisms, and the addition of online and offline leaderboards to show your prowess. There are three difficulty levels as well, either allowing for an endless supply of continues, or none at all.

As for those control mechanisms, there is a virtual D-Pad, a tilt and touch option, and the one that you'll be using most, just touch.

app of the day r type iphone ipod  image 9

The D-Pad makes the screen look like an arcade machine and so makes the actual gameplay window smaller so you can see the controls, while the tilt and touch mode, as you can imagine, has you moving your i-device around to control your ship. Yes, it's virtually impossible.

Touch, however, is simple, intuitive and easy to use and master. You slide your finger where you want the ship to go and then, with your other hand/finger, keep pressing on the fire button to unleash the fury. Holding that fire button for a set time releases even more fury, just like the original.

While all these fingers over the screen means you'll occasionally miss a rogue ship, you can opt for a bordered version if you really must.

app of the day r type iphone ipod  image 7

R-Type for the iPhone will be available in the next couple of weeks, hopefully before the end of August.

Which games would you most likely to see make a come back?