Hello app fans. Welcome to the latest instalment of App of The Day, which this week has been centred around the funny old game that is football in support of our fantastic World Cup Week.

Today, the focus is back on the iPhone, for the official FIFA game from EA.

EA 2010 FIFA World Cup

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Football sim fans will be well aware of the long running EA FIFA series, which has been going since 1993. It's a title that has gone toe-to-toe with Konami's Pro Evo series and has, over the last 2 years, proved to be the game of choice for the football sim purists. But how has it transferred to the iPhone, is it any good? Well, read on and we'll ruddy well tell you.

The attention to detail is, like its console equivalents, absolutely spot on. There's over 100 international teams to choose from, all with real players with specific abilities. At least we think they are all real players, somebody with a more Motson like brain than us will have to let us know if the Rwanda or Uzbekistan teams are accurate.

app of the day ea fifa world cup 2010 iphone  image 7

We should point out that the squads aren't entirely correct, although EA would have had no chance of guessing these exactly right. It should have probably removed Wayne Bridge from the England squad though, everybody knows that he and John Terry can't play nicely.

The different variations of game play are also brilliant. You can either start at the World Cup finals in South Africa, with all the correct fixtures and stadiums, or you can choose to qualify right from the beginning, again with all the proper qualifying groups.

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All these details are terrific, but what about the game-play? Well, it's surprisingly not bad, we've definitely seen worse games in the App Store for under £4. The graphics and feel are probably on a par with a game from the FIFA series on the PS2. And when you consider that you would have forked out about £40 for those titles, then £3.99 is an absolute steal.

It's not hard to get the hang of it, the buttons actually state what the commands are, rather than being just unlabelled blobs. We started off at the easiest setting, and duly brushed aside USA 4-0 in the opening game (a Wayne Rooney hat-trick and an absolute belter from Michael Carrick of all people). We put this difficulty up for the next match, and edged Algeria 2-1 (Stevie G and Rooney again, Green badly at fault for their goal).

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For the final group match we rested key men and drew 0-0 with Slovenia. Job done, group winners and we'll meet Germany in the last 32.

As for the game itself, it's a bit like England. Fairly decent with some outstanding individual elements. For £3.99 it's a bargain that even Harry Redknapp would be pleased with.

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