It's always nice to see new levels added to an existing game, but the smart bucks are on creating a new game, within an existing, successful, format.

If Swampy the Alligator is your best friend, then we've got good news for you. Perry the Platypus might just replace him, because the Where's My Water? concept now has a distinct fizz to it, with Disney's latest game Where's My Perry? We played the game on Android, but it's also available for iPhone and iPad.

Where's My Perry?



Google Play/iTunes

Where's My Perry? takes the same format as Where's My Water? If you haven't played the original game featuring Swampy the Alligator, then you're missing out on one of the true gems of mobile gaming; together these two games make a beautiful pair (or should that be pear?)

Where's My Perry? follows the protagonist, Perry the Platypus, a secret agent. Unfortunately, rather than being able to get on with the serious business of saving the world, Perry is constantly getting stuck in his transportation tubes.

The game involves solving the puzzles to help Perry on his way. It's familiar territory and the storyline, well, it's there as a suggestion that there is some purpose other than puzzling your way through the levels, which there really isn't. That doesn't bother us, because the levels present plenty of variety and the overarching story is only really there to add interest.


Like Where's My Water?, it's a credit to Disney that it managed to come up with enough to save the game from getting stale. Equally, we're impressed that this game doesn't just copy the previous one. Where's My Perry? has plenty of originality, even though the gameplay is essentially the same.

You control the flow of water to help Perry on his way, getting the water from wherever it might be pooled, to Perry's chamber. It might be a case of simply carving out a path for it to flow from one point to another - always remembering to collect the gnomes en route.

At other times things are much more tricky. You might have a block of ice you need to melt, and once you've collected the water, you might have to zap it to turn it into steam to get it to rise to the top of the level. Or you might have to alternate through ice-water-steam to get through a maze. Physics teachers of the world rejoice, phase transitions have come to mobile gaming!

There are 80 levels across four chapters, and like Where's My Water? we can expect updates in the future to keep you entertained.

This is a paid-for app, costing all of 64p, which makes it well worth the asking price. The game is gloriously designed with great visuals, entertaining audio and plenty to keep you going. The need to collect gnomes and secret files means there is plenty of repeat once you've got to the end.

Where's My Perry? joins Where's My Water? as one of our favourite mobile games: it's simple in concept, yet incredibly playable, whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes to fill.