We had only just recovered from the joys of Diablo III and its over-the-top demon head USB key, when the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria collector's edition turned up at Pocket-lint towers. 

Sadly there wasn't a mad USB key in sight - which is a disappointment, as both StarCraft II and Diablo III include one - instead here we get just a simple mouse mat. Then there is a copy of the game for both PC and Mac, a behind-the-scenes Blu-ray and DVD, collector's edition soundtrack and - best of all - a big, thick Mists of Pandaria artwork book. 

On top of this there is special in-game content, such as a World of Warcraft in-game mount and pet. You can fly about in-game on the Imperial Quilen mount or wander about with a Quilen Cub. There are also some special Starcraft II portraits and a new banner to use in Diablo III

The collector's edition is priced at around £55, making it one of the cheaper ways into the world of Blizzard collectibles. It also has enough WoW gubbins inside to satisfy even the biggest fan of the game. We have to confess, we haven't exactly left the included soundtrack playing 24 hours a day, but the game artwork book has had plenty of flick throughs. It just looks great.

The actual box is also rather nice and matches the size of all the other Blizzard box sets, so should save you from any imperfections in your nicely maintained game library. As for the game, World of Warcraft fans will already know what's coming, with its release set for 25 September. We haven't yet had enough time to play through, so expect an opinion on the expansion to come a bit later.

We particularly like how Blizzard gives you a PC and Mac copy of the title. The same applies with Diablo III, which we play through on our PC and then pick at every so often using our MacBook Pro. The included Blu-ray is also quite fun, especially for those wondering just what sort of work goes into maintaining and building something as vast as World of Warcraft.