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(Pocket-lint) - With the Indiana Jones film series over twenty years old and rumours of a fourth instalment on the books, Lucas Arts and Activision have decided to tempt us with another outing of our favourite archaeologist in Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, the game. Available on XBOX, PS2 and PC this game is an unashamed platform game, which plays almost identically on all formats. PC owners should just get a joypad and spare themselves a lot of pain.

Based in an around China in 1935 you play Indy as he tries to prevent a powerful artifact from falling into evil hands. The game starts in the tombs and temples of Ceylon and eventually takes you to downtown Hong Kong as you battle different enemies from the usual goons, to marital arts temptresses, to the good old Axis forces.

The graphics are akin to Jedi Knight 2 and the early levels are similar in design to the later levels of Jedi Knight with the usual array of jumps, ducks, swings and trouble dodging. The likeness to Harrison Ford, aka Indy, is very good, and the characters response to leaning on ledge edges and swinging on roles will make you want to watch the movie trilogy over and over again.

Gameplay is similar to the Lara Croft series, not surprising really as they are both Tomb Raider-based games. Just like the films, Indy is good at the old punch up, and the Lucas Arts has added a nice feature allowing you to punch with both mouse buttons for that one-two combo. The fighting element is a great strength to the game and it makes fighting with the hands more fun sometimes that trying to rely on gun power alone.

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To up the tension and in keeping with what console users have come to expect, there is no in-level game saves. While some will love the tension this brings, to others it can be bloody annoying, especially as the majority of the opening levels are based on you getting jumps right or you fall to your death.

To recap

Unusually a game where a port hasn’t really impacted much on quality, as the game was already good enough- as long as you liked platformers

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Writing by Stuart Miles.