Publisher Activision is at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair and has just shown off three Spring Edition figures under its Wave 4 Easter line of the Skylanders video game series.

The next installment in the Skylanders series, Wave 4, will include three new Spring Edition figures called Springtime Trigger Happy, Fryno, and Punk Shock. They will release in April with an Easter theme. Although we've seen these characters before, they've been given a special limited look with egg-shaped packaging.

For instance, as part of the Spring Edition, this is the first time we've seen Springtime Trigger Happy without his traditional gold guns. In fact, the character looks entirely different set atop a pastel Easter egg with no weaponry, and even his new packaging says "No guns, no glory". 

Pocket-lint was not given a firm release date, though Best Buy and Target recently listed pre-order pages for the Skylanders Spring Edition figures with an anticipated release date of 6 April. They'll cost around $9.99 each.


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We think these Spring Edition figures look fun and playful. In addition, like other Skylanders figures, they will work with all Skylanders video games, including the new Swap Force title that debuted last autumn. That means they'll make a great collectors set, but they're still useful and functional.


And, finally, Activision debuted additional Wave 4 figures like Trap Shadow and Freeze Blade at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair. They're not included in the Spring Edition, though they are swappable (as they are apart of the Skylanders Swap Force series). Check them out in the gallery below.