Modern Combat apps have traditionally pushed the envelope when it comes to what a tablet can do graphically. The new iPad 4 is a real powerhouse of a device and we would bet money that this is one of the best-looking games on the tablet.

Graphics aren't everything and with Modern Combat 4 (MC4) costing £4.99, it sits right at the top of the app pricing scale. So can this game deliver?

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

iOS & Android (coming soon)

We have had Modern Combat 4 running for a little while now and we have to say, this feels like one of the first games we've played on a tablet that can truly match a home console. Be it the depth of field effects when aiming, amount going on on screen or even the explosions, this is definitely an app with which to show off your device.

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The problem is, it almost feels like it has gone too far towards the world of the console, without accepting the constraints of a tablet. Almost immediately, you encounter the control issues that an FPS on a tablet has - although, admittedly practice can fix this somewhat. It is also possible to make the virtual sticks you use to control the game bigger and smaller, which helps.

Being such a big and bulky adventure, part of that pick-up-and-play feel you get in apps is also lost. However, in reality, if you are after a serious app with lots to get stuck into, then this won't be an issue. Also if you see your tablet as a primary gaming machine, then Modern Combat 4 is going to make you very happy.

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The story on Modern Combat 4 continues from the end of the last game and although it might not be the sharpest in the world of gaming, for this level of detail to go into a £4.99 app is astonishing. 

The multiplayer suite also comes with plentiful perks to unlock and a good set of gameplay modes to enjoy. Comparisons will be drawn with Call of Duty and while it isn't even close to what the console shooter achieves, that it is even being put in the same sort of territory as a game that costs ten times as much is a testament to how far Modern Combat has come.

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There are a few bugs and the app does need one of the more recent Apple gadgets to run smoothly, but if this can be forgiven, then you have a great app here.