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(Pocket-lint) - Parappa the rapper is a classic on the PS2 and pretty much the godfather of rhythm games on the console, so when Sony announced they were bringing the format to the PSP so you could get your rhythm down on the go, we were obviously excited, but can the game live up to its hype? We get tapping to find out.

A lot's changed since the first instalment almost a decade ago and things move on - especially in the fast paced world of video games. Unfortunately this port from the PS2 hasn't moved with the times and compared to recently reviewed Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS, Parappa the rapper looks like its poor mongrel starved brother.

Why? Well there are a number of reasons.

The first is that nothing much as changed, Parappa the rapper still features all the same characters, all the same levels (yes just the six) and all the same songs from the original.

Then there is the graphics, which compared to other titles on the PSP, are a bit disappointing, with the 2D Parappa not really working as well as he should or did 10 odd years ago.

Graphics aside, the gameplay is good, remember this is where rhythm games started, but no great leap forward and the only extras added here to take advantage of the PSP are a four player battle mode, the ability to share a demo of the game with other PSP owners via the Wi-Fi connection, and access to some downloadable content. Unlikely to set you alight with excitement.

Get to the game itself and unlike Elite Beat Agents, there aren't any chart hits included, rather just silly little ditties. For those not familiar with the title you have to press the right button; circle, square, triangle or cross, in tune with the beat, but the marker to tell you when to tap is so small its almost as if it's been added as an after thought.

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To recap

Parappa the Rappa might be a classic on the PS2, but there is nothing new here for taking it portable

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