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(Pocket-lint) - Capcom’s recent output has been something pretty special. Starting with Resident Evil 4 and taking in the likes of Killer7 and Viewtiful Joe 2, they’re a special kind of game maker. Everything they touch seems to turn to pure gold. Well, not literally. Can’t see how a PS2 could read a solid gold disc…

Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins has consistently been one of those titles that everyone seems to own on some retro system, most of us failing to progress too far through the various beasties the game chucks at us mind.

In fact, its incredibly high difficulty level has been the one thing the series has been consistently praised and criticised on in equal measure.

An update to a classic title always had the potential to be a huge hit, bringing that old retro gaming style of gameplay right up to date. Or, of course, a dreadful miss, sullying the name of a title we all know and love. Think of the recent Final Fight update which could have been something special and completely resurrect a dead genre, but instead turned out to be a colossal turd.

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But where does UGnG come on that sliding scale? Thankfully, the former. Well, for the most part anyway.

Despite the fact that those visuals we all know and love are still reasonably pleasing on the eye even in these modern times, Capcom have decided to create the game in true 3D, but thankfully leave us with a 2D representation on screen. Meaning, that it’s true to the original and looks an absolute corker.

The gameplay itself sticks to the same tried and tested method, but this time things are a mite easier on the old trigger fingers.

Progression is much the same as before. The simple task is to make it from the beginning to end of each level with your life intact. To help you on your merry way you’re armed with a lance to begin with, and then various other throwable weapons as you pick up items along your way.

But there are a few tweaks to the old standard. A selection of difficulty levels means those turned off by the original’s often impenetrable difficulty setting can give themselves an easier task. In fact, even the worst 2D platforming gamers should find little trouble making some headway.

Easy set to "easy" though you’ll have a tough time finishing it. Those who lack the kind of patience required to sit through an entire episode of The Bill should move on.

To recap

It’s a very high class update. What more could we really want?

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