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(Pocket-lint) - If handheld strategy action is your bag, we feel for you. You’ve been a bit short changed in recent times.

Nintendo handheld owners are well catered for with The Advance Wars series, but for PSP owners? Well, both Metal Gear Acid games are unmitigated tripe and Worms didn’t exactly set the world on fire either.

Step up then Field Commander. Your mission is to provide superlative online strategy action. But does it win its stripes?

Though turn-based strategy titles are generally seen as men with beards, the slow and steady action is as fitting with a handheld as marmalade is with toast. Got the odd 5 minutes? Just jump in. Got longer? Prolonged sessions work too.

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Unlike the aforementioned Advance Wars titles, Field Commander is in true gloriously detailed 3D proving the PSP’s obvious power advantage. But zoom in close and the level of detail drops dramatically and you’re faced with a pretty ugly looking warzone. You can’t help but feel that the PSP is truly capable of a little more. The fact that it’s fully scored and voiced does make up a little however.

The minus points continue with a lack of truly intelligent AI. Though the enemy is no slouch when it comes to battle time, they do have an inane obsession with building up bunkers of cheap disposable infantry rather than saving up for the more destructive and noteworthy items.

Thankfully, that’s where the downers end. Outside those two minor flaws you’ve got an addictive and enthralling bout of strategic action. You’ll require all your tactical nouse if you’re going to progress through the ranks.

Thankfully the control system is simple enough to allow you to make snap decisions with a slight poke of the thumb. You can even take on your fellow PSP owning pals in multiplayer action, which increases the enjoyment factor ten fold.


With an easy to learn control system and a dazzling array of units available to you, Field Commander is the best example of handheld strategy on the PSP. If you love your war, then go buy.

Writing by Christopher Pickering.