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(Pocket-lint) - Ubisoft's latest puzzle effort for the PSP is Exit, but does it tick all the boxes?

Exit is just about that, getting out of the puzzle in a set amount of time. Played out in platform style left to right, the aim of the game is to get over, through, around and under the obstacles in the way.

Later on the puzzles develop so you aren't just trying to save your bacon and you've got to save other characters who are also trapped.

The graphical style is simple and the game has taken on a sort of 1930s film noir look to it. For us the simplistic black and white characters combined with the bold line drawn scenery doesn't work, but others may find it a refreshing change to the usual space sci-fi scenes normally found on console titles.

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Get past the graphics and you have over 100 puzzles to solve and the further promise of another 100 to download if you can connect your PSP to a wireless network or computer.

We are not sure whether the addition of the new downloadable puzzles is an omission that there aren't enough here to warrant the initial spend or whether or not its simply because Ubisoft were feeling generous but either way the extra puzzles are welcomed.

As for the puzzles themselves they are fairly easy and anyone with an ounce of intelligence will be able to solve them quickly.

The levels normally involve you getting through a burning house in a set amount of time climbing ladders, sliding down ropes and jumping the occasional ledge to get to the Exit as quick as possible.

Some of the levels include other characters which you have to guide through, however to add an additional layer, some of the people you meet can't climb stairs or go across certain ledges and its at this point you need to get your thinking cap on.

While the levels and puzzles are simple, what is likely to slow down their speedy progress is the frustration of getting their character to actually do as commanded.

Too many times we got frustrated at the games inability to properly accept our commands. And things only seemed to get worse when you are charged with commanding other people who are also trapped in the level.

To recap

This is one we've had to show the door

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Writing by Stuart Miles.