It's funny how the new series of 24 has hit our screens and we have Jack using his phone to do all kinds of things, take pictures, download schematics as well as emit a signal to trigger a bomb. Now you can use your phone too to play a CTU agent in a variety of missions.

The graphics range from good to great. The in-game graphics are nice on some games and a little average on others (like the driving game) but the still shots of the characters like Jack and Curtis are great. They have made the images really look a lot like their on-screen counterparts. The animation is smooth in whatever mini game you're playing so overall the graphics are decent.

The music is not bad, there is a main theme tune which the developers came up with as well as the famous sound of the seconds counting down. That sound has become synonymous with 24 and when you hear it you do find your mind wandering back to the fast paced exciting world of the TV show.

The controls are quite easy to pick up and are slightly different for each game. There's a training mode for each game to allow you to get a feel for it. The movement is via the D or key pad but often you may only require one button press, like the mini game where you have to pick a lock. The main button or 5 selects and you should find the controls easy to use and pick up.

The playability is great. There are plenty of mini games, some which require a fair bit of thought. In addition some of the games are pretty straightforward and involve you sneaking around or driving from one location to another. You have a lot of control in the game and you can place agents at different locations depending on their attributes. They will interact with you and there is a plot which has multiple threads so the game really does feel a lot like the TV show. It's a lot of fun to play and having the characters address you is great. The games themselves are challenging and you do actually start to feel like a CTU agent!

The lastability is great as the mini games are so much fun to play. The plot advances along which does get you pretty interested and this is just one of the ways the programmers have managed to recreate the feel of the show. Your progress can be saved and you can also play the mini games again so overall the game could be on your phone for a while.


It wasn't an easy task but I-Play has managed to recreate the feel of the hit TV series perfectly. Use your phone to assist Jack and his friends in dealing with the latest terrorist plot and maybe some day you can join CTU for real.

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