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(Pocket-lint) - WRC has a successful string of rally titles behind it, the latest and greatest is Rally Evolved. But is it worthy of the title? Pocket-lint straps in to find out.

WRC carries the trademark, so is the official game of the rally. As a result, you race in the real cars, in all their livery, as one of the real drivers. It makes very little difference who you choose, as long as you remember who you are. It’s a tried and tested formula, the menus are slick and clear and you are soon into the hard driving action.

You can make a few custom changes to your car, but in reality, the car is best suited to the road surface by default. There are driving aids in this version of the game, which personally, I found pretty annoying. For example, you throw your car towards the corner, find that it is slowing down and taking a sensible line through the bend - but I wanted to go sideways! You can set all the assistance to 0, then get on with the real driving, which is a much better response.

Of course there is a damage system, and lots of fun to be had deciding which parts to fix in the 20mins you are allowed between races. You can hit the auto button, but what fun is that? It is surprisingly easy to smash up your car, and the damage is reflected well in the stunning car graphics. The environment leaves a little to be desired graphically, and with the modern trend of free-roaming games, being mostly limited to the track is sometimes a little boring. Those guys at WRC want you racing, not chasing down the spectators.

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Also thrown in is a whole bunch of other options, such as classic rally cars, so you can take the famous Audi Quattro for a spin. The little touches really make a difference with various random events, such as other crashed cars and things on fire, occasionally cropping-up and throwing your concentration. Your co-driver also does the business, directing you around the course better than ever before. There is the normal online option included and multiplayer.


Sounds good? Yes, it's pretty good, but might not be for everyone. The driving is real driving, and winning races is a challenge. It is more of a driving sim than a comedy run-around, and if you don’t have the patience to learn to handle the cars, you might get frustrated. Also, there is the sound. The constant drone, all the time, and almost continual backfire from the engine - it might be realistic, but it drives you mad!

Writing by Chris Hall.