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(Pocket-lint) - Retro gamers will revel in the notion that once again you can get your fix of classic football arcade action with the plug-and-play version of Sensible Soccer for the price of a regular console game.

The plug-and-play device, which has been sculptured to look like a mini MegaDrive, plugs directly into your television and offers two replica MegaDrive controllers so you can battle it out with a mate or some random punter you’ve opted to invite back to your house for a football duel.

Gamers will have all the usual footie options including quick play, tournaments and the chance to play as the England squad of yesteryear - it was 1993 when this first came out don’t forget.

Taking things back to basics, Sensible Soccer features a top-down view and blocky graphics, but for some reason the sheer simplicity of it will appeal to the purists out there confused somewhat by the latest version of FIFA or Pro Evolution.

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Get past the footie and we find it odd that the units makers, Radica, has opted to include two further classic arcade gems Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania.

The former sees you in charge of a taskforce sweeping and clearing the levels before you, while the later sees you take up the role of God. Both of which, are as far from footie action as we could possibly imagine.

Either way we are happy that Cannon Fodder is included. It’s a great game and the hidden gem on this plug-and-play unit, even if it does look a little dated next to other games in your collection.

To recap

For us the simplicity of the top down gameplay of both Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer just makes for easy gaming without a graphics overload

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Writing by Stuart Miles.