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(Pocket-lint) - World Snooker Challenge 2005 (WSC 2005) is yet another version of Sega's snooker title, this time it's the PSP that gets pot lucky, but will you? We grab a cue and find out.

Menu systems are a funny thing, and to be honest, it's not something that we normally pay attention to. 'Start up the game and get playing' is our motto here at Pocket-lint, so we find ourselves surprised at the fact we are talking about the World Snooker Challenge menu system with you. The problem, you see, is that WSC 2005's menus are abysmal. They really are bad.

So bad, in fact, that we are sure most people that play this game will miss out on many of the great features on offer. So if you do settle for this title, our first piece of advice would be to dig deep, for there is a plethora of games, levels and modes that at first glance won't be apparent.

Aside from the menu system, we have nothing but praise for the snooker game and while we weren't expecting that (having not watched snooker for years) we have to say this offers plenty to those with even the faintest of interest in the game.

The main crux (from what we can gather from that menu system) is the ability to play over 100 top professionals from the world of snooker, including Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Matthew Stevens and Paul Hunter in a range of different game modes.

Game modes range from quick three-frame games to more in-depth championships at real locations around the UK. Failing snooker there is Snooker Plus, Pool, Billiards, Bar Billiards and trick shots to master meaning the pick and play gamers will be happy for that quick gaming fix on the bus.

Codemasters has even raided the talents of Steve Davis and John Parrott to join John Virgo to give their word in the commentary box and the whole experience gives you that night at the Crucible feeling.

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Controlling all the above is done either via moving the joypad to line up the shot or taking a more interactive approach and using the speaker controller to move your cue. This can backfire however as if you are playing on the bus or the train a sudden jolt means your 147 break ends in misery.


Get past the annoying interface and World Snooker Challenge 2005 is surprisingly good. If you've already got the PS2, Xbox or PC version there isn't anything extra here to charm you, but at least you can take the gaming experience with you on the move.

As for the gameplay, it's nice to enjoy a game that's got a bit more thought to it than the fast-paced action of a first person shooter. This isn't going to be for everyone and at times sitting through the computer's break can be very tiresome (luckily you can turn it off if you want). If you are one of those people that tires easily then our advice would be to stick to the likes of Wipeout and Ridge Racer rather than take on World Snooker Challenge 2005.

Writing by Stuart Miles.