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(Pocket-lint) - Colin McRae Rally 2005 makes its way to the PSP, but can the popular console game transfer to the small screen? Pocket-lint dons a crash helmet and finds out.

For the most part the PSP version is the same as the Xbox or PlayStation version that debuted last year, and offers plenty of challenges, whether they're part of a career mode or a quick play session.

However, there are noticeable tweaks that mean this isn't just the same old same old. For the PSP version. Codemasters have realised that people won't necessarily have the same time to dedicate to a gaming session on the portable device as they would sitting in their lounge with a console and a big TV.

Bearing this in mind, the game will automatically save your progress as you go rather than having to wait for a designated save point. This is all very well, but some of the more in-depth stages can become rather disjointed if played over a series of train, tube and bus journeys.

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Another new addition are specially shortened five-minute stages which seem considerably more approachable if you're short for time. Additionally, there's the obligatory wireless mode, however Codemasters have taken this to the max and enabled you to go head to head with up to eight other players (that's a lot of PSPs).

As before, you get different car classes to master from four-wheel drive to super two-wheel vehicles. There are 30 cars in total in this version from the Volkswagen Beetle RSi to the Lancia Stratos and each vehicle acts according to its class and the track surface it is on.

Tracks are as varied as the full-sized version, from desert terrain to the snowdrifts of Sweden and there are over 300 different stages across 23 events to drive your way through.

Both graphics and sound are top notch and on a par with the living room based consoles.

To recap

Like in previous versions, Colin McRae is a highly polished title that will serve you well if you need your rallying fix when out on the road

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