She might have only won a single Wimbledon tournament so far, however that doesn't stop her from having a mobile phone tennis game named after her. We are of course talking about Maria Sharavpova, the tennis starlet.

The game is your typical tennis volley with either quick game or career mode available. Career mode allows you to battle for poor quality gallery pictures around the globe on a range of different surfaces but will give you a sense of achievement.

Quick game is how it is described and involves a best of three games with an unspecified opponent.

The 3D graphics are satisfactory, but the gameplay is coherently dull. According to the games instructions you are able to perform any tennis manoeuvre with the press of a button. In our testing all we could muster was to get it over the net irrelevant of the surface we were playing on. We failed to be able to control the shot or the movement and any games we did win happened to be by luck rather than because we meant it.

Price when reviewed:

Like Sharapova herself this game isn't a consistent winner.