South Park has come to the mobile thanks to THQ Wireless taking on the animated feel of the TV episodes. Based around sports day in South Park all the gang including Cartman and Kenny are here. There are four events to race and master - Fart Hurdles, German Dancing, Pancake Lifting and Ice Sledding.

Gameplay is broken down into Practice, where you can play each individual race on its own, or Tournament modes where you can either challenge up to four other human players or the computer.

Fart Racing sees Terrance doing the hurdles, but instead of jumping over them you have to fart to get pass them. German Dancing and Ice Sledding involves pressing the right key on the number pad at the right time either to a beat or just the point in the moutain and our favourite - Pancake Lifting involves Cartman seeing how many pancakes he can lift. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and it basically ends up pressing the 1to 5 keys repeatedly over and over until your fingers go numb.


South Park Sports Day is like any athletics game no matter what the format. The secret is you have to have quick fingers and be ready for lots of pressing of buttons in even quicker succession. As for longevity, it's not really there. The sound, if you can ever play the game at full volume, is just as funny as the TV episodes but chances are you'll be sat on a train unable to benefit. It's good if you're a fan of the show otherwise don't bother.