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(Pocket-lint) - Point and click strategy games don’t all have to be set is a land that looks like the ‘Shire’ from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. But can Cops 2170 manage do break away from the pack? We take a look and find out.

The latest offering from the MIST land and Strategy First partnership is Cops 2170: Power of Law. It keeps up the high standard in strategy/adventure genre with challenging missions and deep, detailed graphics. Those who want a good combat based strategy game which is not set somewhere that looks like the Shire from ‘Lord of the Rings need look no further.

You play Kati - a young police officer fresh out of police training. Despite stating in the opening cut scene that she “was the best in the academy”, she isn’t too much of a goody-goody. The game is set in the future when every human being has a microchip embedded under the skin so the Government can keep track of everyone - the nanny state gone mad (2170? Sounds more like 2005…). Missions take place in an urban environment, beautifully depicted in 3D graphics with tall skyscrapers and hovering cars. True to life, this metropolis is split into wealthy regions, and somewhat more down-at-heal districts, all of which Kati ventures into in the name of the law. Roaming around however is somewhat restricted by the real time speed of the game, so missions and battles provide more entertaining game play.

Missions are engaging, ranging from controlling riots to taking on corrupt organisations. Each mission can be completed using a range of different strategies, and so the player is given various routes to finish the game. You control a team of up to eight squads of police officers. An extensive arsenal of over sixty weapons and other equipment are available to you, such as pistols, machine guns, rifles, exploding ammo and scanners. Weapons are unlocked as you climb in rank. In the battles, members of your team can be selected to complete certain actions, such as commanding tanks, moving forwards, and shooting. These actions use action points, and each cop has a limited number of action points. It is therefore a game, which requires thought before action, so as not to run out of points. The missions are challenging but entertaining. Completing them leads to promotion up through the ranks. If they do bore you however, there are 200 other quests to complete such as shooting ranges, and if the worst comes to the worst, almost all AI characters have something to say for themselves so you can always go and talk to them.

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The main menu for the game is well set out with clear, large headings, and clever background images. The sound throughout the game is clear and realistic. Luckily there is no repetitive electronic dance music, which could so easily have been included into the futuristic setting. The game does lack a multiplayer function that is fast becoming a staple requirement on many strategy games.

To recap

Futuristic strategy game which would act as the perfect introduction to the genre for newcomers

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