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(Pocket-lint) - We all hark back to what many call the golden era of games, those moments spent putting 50 pence in the latest arcade, the annoyingly unreceptive joystick, those cheap plastic buttons. Following what seems to be a current urge to relive those days, one company has decided to start manufacturing the console panels from those classic arcades and allow you to bring it into your home.

The X-arcade Controller from a replica point of view is hard to fault; everything from that dodgy joystick to even the surface that the whole unit has been encased in is sure to bring those memories flooding back. There are a number of different models and versions available from single player to double player to even a tracker ball model (a la Missile Command and Centipede). We tested the double player variant.

As standard, the controller comes with a PC serial connection and a PS2 (keyboard) connection to allow you to connect it to a PC. At an additional cost you can get adapters for Xbox, PlayStation2, Game Cube and even Dreamcast. We tested our unit with the PC and surprisingly we didn't need any drivers to get the device working with the multitude of games we tried.

While the controller will happily work with the latest first person shooter or flight sim, we downloaded an old arcade emulator and tested it with Street Fighter 2. The results were retro heaven.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.