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(Pocket-lint) - Graphics maybe getting better and gameplay more realistic, but what's the point if you're still driving around the track using a gamepad rather than a steering wheel. Logitech are hoping that Xbox users will up the realism stakes and invest in a steering wheel. We take a test drive with its latest model and see if it really does add that much to the experience.

The Logitech Xbox steering wheel is your standard steering wheel complete with wheel, and pedals. The pedals sit on the floor and offer brake and acceleration. The steering wheel itself offers the usual array of buttons including paddles, all of which can be programmed to how you fit in game. It also offers a vibration feature, however it was so unresponsive that for most of the time we could barely tell it was on.

We tested the wheel on a number of different games including racing evolution and Need for Speed 2 Underground and had no problem with getting the wheel to work with any title. The same however can't be said for everyone's lounge.

The wheel requires a coffee table for mounting via suckers and while it worked perfectly on a friend's glass coffee table the same couldn't be said for our wooden one so check your furniture before you buy.


The steering wheel, although not offering any exciting elements, does increase the realism of the game. However for us, it also took away that relaxed feeling about playing games at home in front of the television - no longer can you slouch in the armchair, this is upright gaming.

If you are a gamer than gets very excited about racing games then no doubt this will only spur you on even more. Otherwise it’s simple, effective, but over the top for the casual gamer.

Writing by Stuart Miles.