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(Pocket-lint) - You may not be able to talk and drive while on the phone, but that doesn't mean you can't drive and talk. Ferrari Experience 3D is a Formula One game to fill the void waiting for the train. Is it any good? We jump in the hot seat and fine out...

While the game isn't anywhere near the depth and breath of Jeff Crammond's Grand Prix series on the PC, the game does have a good go at making the game not only easy to use, but entertaining.

To start with you can choose between Schuey or Barrichello and then practice before you race. Racing involves you starting last on the grid with 18 other cars, and you've got three laps to get across the line first. To make it easier, all you have to worry about controlling is left and right and the brake as the car automatically moves forward.

Where the game falls down is the length of each race. With three laps to complete the game loses that quick fix appeal quickly and a menu so you could choose how many laps you want to race would have been a nice feature.

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With 3D graphics the vistas are great and the cars detailed enough to make the experience a bit more worthwhile.

To recap

The graphics may be good, but this isn’t a game for the pick up and play generation

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Writing by Stuart Miles.