The winter season now upon us. Chances are if you are reading this, you are not on the slopes at the moment. For us unlucky ones this winter there is one solus; Extreme Air Snowboarding, a snowboarding game for your mobile phone.

Power it up and you are offered a tutorial, career mode, free ride or multiplayer options. The tutorial is, as you would expect, very useful for learning all the available tricks and combos that are available. As far as mobile phone games go, we are always dubious of games that require you to have the dexterity of a touch typist transcribing the news, however strange as it may sound this game was very easy to master.

Keys involve left and right and then tricks. Forward motion is controlled automatically - well you are going downhill - and depending on how long you perform the trick or in what order will depend on the score you are rewarded.

Career mode challenges you to perform certain tasks within the level, and the tasks are similar to those found in Tony Hawk or other snowboarding titles.


Whether you're killing 10 minutes or looking for something longer, this game will certainly fill the void. The 3D graphics, in their limited way, give you the feeling you are playing a triple A title and the execution of the moves and ease of gameplay really stands this game out from the crowd.