Following an Xbox and PlayStation 2 launch, Crash Bandicoot has finally found himself on the mobile phone. The premise and idea is very compelling; bring one of the heroes of the PlayStation to the phone so you can play your favourite character when out and about.

In reality however the game doesn't offer the same compelling features, its not that the moves aren't there or the veiled attempt at 3D graphics, merely that it's almost impossible to control. Not only do you have to control moving forward and sideways, but also jumping, spinning and killing the bad guys. On a two handed joystick this is child's play, however across a mobile phone keypad not so.

Get past the controls and the game offers a number of levels, which unfortunately you can only access in one sitting. Complete a level and you won't be able to return back to it unless you do the first level again. While it's early days still for the mobile game it would be nice if you could once completed go straight back to that level to carry on the quest.


Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity brings all the right elements to a mobile phone game, yet in our mind fails to execute them effectively. Controls could have been easier. Even though the graphics are 3D, they could have been a better compared to other efforts out there.