Remember R-type? Chances are if you've ever played a horizontally-scrolling space shooter in the last 15 years, then you've played either R-Type or a game based on it.

With Alpha Wing, the premise, like R-Type is deceptively simple. Flying from left to right you have to shoot, duck and dodge your way through ten levels of space, caves and bad guys.

To help you on your way you have a time-limited shield that can only be used for so long before it needs recharging and multiple weapons to collect. Weapons are collected by killing aliens and depending on fast you can get to the power-up canisters they drop depends on what weapon it will be. The more power-ups you get the better weapons you will have.

Graphics might be 2D but are very detailed and bring the memories of playing 16-bit arcade games back in the day.

Price when reviewed:

This may only have 10 levels, but those levels are decidedly addictive, just make sure you don't miss that train you were waiting for when deciding to kill some time with this game.