On the back of a successful summer, the England captain has teamed up with Player One to bring you his ‘very own' cricket game for the mobile phone.

With the option of playing a One Day International, Twenty20 game or even embarking on your own tournament, Michael Vaughan's International Cricket gives you the chance to pit your skills against the world's best sides.

The game is very playable and gives you the chance to select your own bowlers and style of play they will adopt. We chose to open the attack with a spell of fast swing bowling before bringing on the slow bowlers to soak up the tail with a combination of leg and off spin.

On the batting side to combat this, you're able to choose from an array of defensive and attacking shots, to help protect vital wickets and pile on the runs as you hit your way to victory.

Should you choose to play as England (and why wouldn't you!), Michael Vaughan provides you with some less than insightful commentary to help you along the way.

Graphics are a bit disappointing although not enough to detract from the game.


In conclusion, at £5 this game is both addictive and playable enough to appeal to sports fans that dream of walking out at Lord's on a sunny Thursday morning to face the Australians.